You may have seen me talking about a large project I'm slowly bring together. So to give you a small idea of what i'm doing I thought I'd write a quick post.

I'm currently working with the Derwent WISE heritage lottery bid, which aims to restore habitats and promote public and community engagement amongst a long list of other things. To find out all the details please visit the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust page about the bid.

As part of this project I'm photographing various small local business owner and workers from around the area. I'm looking into how the businesses have grown and changed over the years, how the communities perception of these businesses has changed and also how photography as a medium has changed and can now represent these businesses in a modern light. (mind the pun)

I hope that the series of images I create will put emphasis on the fact that in today's current economic climate, more than ever its about the business owner and their stratagy, than their shop front and location.

Here's one of my first images from the project. This is Renate Truin, she has run Bridge Street Furniture, in Belper, along with her son Simon for the last 15 years.

2012-10-27 - Brideg Street Furniture Composite - 1.jpg

Would you be interested in being part of my project? Would you like me to photograph your business? Or maybe you'd just like to talk to me about what I'm doing? If so please get in touch with me via the 'Email Lawrence' section at the bottom of the page or via the Contact page on my website.